Storm Shelters Sales and Installation in Tyler, TX

Many people wait until bad weather starts before they decide to order a shelter. Most customers usually wait 4-6 weeks for their shelters because it's the busiest time of year. Maverick Homes offers shelters and installation in a fraction of that time. Don't wait until the sky goes green, order now and be prepared!

Financing Available on Tornado Shelters!

We've helped install tornado shelters in areas such as Canton, TX; Van, TX; Grand Saline, TX; Ben Wheeler, TX; Longview Gilmer, TX; Hallsville, TX; Harleton, TX; East Texas; Tatum, TX; Marshall, TX and Jefferson, TX. Feel free to give us a call, we're willing to help you out as well.

Shelter Types

Fiberglass Refuge Shelter


Small "Mini Refuge"

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Interior Size: 4'6" wide, 5' long, 6'2" high
Exterior dimensions: 5' wide, 9'4" long, 7'6" high
Seating Capacity: 6 people
Weight of Shelter: 600 lbs


Medium "Refuge II"

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Interior Size: 5' wide, 6' long, 6'6" high
Exterior dimensions: 5'6" wide, 12'6" wide, 7'5" high
Seating Capacity: 8 people
Weight of Shelter: 800 lbs


Large "Refuge I"

Call for Price of shelter
Interior size: 6'10" wide, 8'4" long, 6'10" high
Exterior dimensions: 7'6" wide, 12'6" long, 7'5" high
Seating Capacity: 12-15 people
Weight of Shelter: 1,000 lbs



Safe Room

Safe Room